Rules of the Road

We take great pride in providing really fun and interesting rides while still providing an excellent level of safety for all our riders. Whenever possible, all of our road captains wear reflective vests, we sometimes will split our group up with different leaders and tailgunners if our group exceeds a large number of bikes when riding through city streets, and our tailgunners are are always on the lookout for rider issues or mechanical problems.


These are our guidelines for all new riders with the Eagle Riders Motorcycle Club:


1. All of our rides will require an RSVP on our page on Patched members of a RC (Riders Club) or MC are not eligible. When you arrive at the meeting location, please check-in with one of the event organizers so we know you are there and so we can get an accurate head-count. As many of our rides require reservations or accurate attendance numbers prior to departure, please do not RSVP for a ride you will not be attending. Several times we have a group waiting for one individual who RSVPed to a ride and didn't show, which is very frustrating.


2. It is rare when we ride in adverse weather. We have, however, ridden in light rain conditions so please be aware of the weather conditions for the day and time of our ride and your riding ability for those conditions. If we feel as though the weather prior to our ride will be too severe we will send out an email to all of those who have RSVPed so if you think the weather is a bit sketchy, check your email prior to departing to our starting location.


3. Please arrive to our designated meeting location with a full tank of gas and all your gear ready to go. On our longer rides we always prepare for rest and fuel stops but our first destination is typically 100+ miles away so please come prepared.


4. When riding as a group through traffic, please be prepared to ride in a slightly tighter formation to prevent other vehicles from splitting up the group.


5. If you are having a mechanical problem or need to pull over for any reason during one of our rides our Tailgunner will pull over with you to see if you need assistance. If you do, we will provide help as needed. If you do not need any assistance, need to leave, or plan on catching up with the group later on, please waive off our Tailgunner so they can continue with the rest of the riders.


6. Should you need to leave a ride early, please inform one of our Road Captains so that we don't think we have left you behind on the ride.


7. If you are a slower rider that may be inexperienced riding with a group please inform one of our Road Captains as we may put you near the rear of the group for safety reasons. Please do not pass other riders when in formation.


8. Always ride in staggered formation once on the road. The ONLY exceptions to this is when we leave a gap for our Road Captains who may need to leave the group on occasion to block traffic for the group or when we are riding on narrow or tight winding roads when single-rider formations may be required. When such conditions arise, look for the appropriate hand-signals to designate the needed riding formation.

Staggered riding formation appears as follows:

9. We always employ the the Motorcycle Safety Foundation standard hand signals when riding as a group. Here are the most commonly used hand signals we use on all our rides:

Eagle Riders Motorcycle Club is a 501C7 Non-Profit organization and is officially registered with the American Motorcyclist Association.

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